World Wide Web

The World Wide Web is not the same as the Internet. In a technical point of view the World Wide Web can be described as the resources and users that are using Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) on the internet. In another view the World Wide Web can be described as the universe of network-accessible information.  In more simpler terms, World Wide Web is used to exchange information between computer over the internet.

The Internet

The internet traces its roots to the US Defence Department project in the 1960s which started out in the Cold War. Desires to have armed forces communicate over a connected, distributed network started. The ARPA began to work on a communication project which led to the creation of ARPANET. It eventually connected military installations, third-party contractors, and a handful of universities.

Application Architecture

Web Application Architecture can be described as a blueprint of the interactions between applications, databases, user interfaces, and middleware systems on the web which ensures that multiple applications can work simultaneously.

Client & Server-Side

Client-side software runs in a user’s web browser, while server-side software runs on the server itself. Interactivity and data display are the outcomes of client-side web development, whereas data management is the function of server-side development.